Meta Resource Management System

The objective of the project "MRMS" is to provide a resource management system for use by small and medium-sized businesses and business departments (30-500 employees).
It will provide facilities for managing resources (such as computers, rooms, software-licenses,...) and user accounts. As a feature it will allow the administrator to specify the resource types that are to be managed, i.e. the meta-data are also editable. That is why we call it "meta".
As optional features we have envisaged support of reservations, processes, customizable views for specific resource types and interfaces to a office suite.
The system will be developed in the context of a practical course for software engineering at the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany.
The analysis has been finished 2003-06 and a first design and implementation will be finished 2004-01.
We will implement a three tier architecture using the following technologies/products: .NET, C#, MySQL, .NET Remoting, Windows Forms.

There will always be links from this site to all recent file releases. Additionally the files may be accessed from the download area of MRMS´ sourceforge project page which also contains prior releases.
Currently there are the following results of the analysis and design process:
Document Latest release Type
Requirements Specification (German - sorry for this) 0.3 (2003-05-13) PDF
HTML (zipped)
HTML (online)
Requirements Specification presentation slides (German) 0.2 (2003-04-28) Powerpoint
Use Cases 0.2 (2003-05-24) PDF
HTML (zipped)
HTML (online)
Technology Evaluation 0.1 (2003-09-21) PDF
HTML (zipped)
HTML (online)
Technology Evaluation presentation slides 0.2 (2003-09-29) Powerpoint
Patterns applied presentation slides 0.1 (2003-10-27) Powerpoint
Design model (former analysis model) 0.7 (2003-11-03) PDF
HTML (zipped)
HTML (online)
Planned releases
First release 0.1 (2004-01-19)
First release presentation slides 0.1 (2004-01-19)

If you have any questions regarding this project, don´t hesitate to contact us by sending a mail to our mailinglist.

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